Life Is Better at the Lake

Hey lovelies,

What are you guys up to this weekend? Me, I’m sitting at home basking in the sun after having my wisdom teeth removed! Not that fun! Luckily, earlier this week I was out and about in downtown Wayzata(:

IMG_1627.JPGSince I am from Wayzata, it was so fun shooting with Steven because he showed me spots in the area I didn’t know existed! This outfit I am wearing screams summer on a bit of a cooler night!

IMG_1618One of my favorite styles of tops to wear right now are off the shoulder tops. What I really like about this one from Zara is how it’s crinkly. I like that it is tight fitting because then you are free to wear anything for bottoms loose or tight. Ruffles have always been one of my favorite details and this top is no exception!

As for my jeans, these are also from Zara. I am really into ripped and frayed jeans! What really makes these jeans stand out is the frayed ankles(:

IMG_1619 (1)Hey now, these shoes look familiar! Sorry guys I am just so in love with these epadrille sneakers from Macy’s that are only $29.43! They are so comfy and I love the canvas material.

IMG_1626For accessories, I kept it dainty and simple. I am wearing a gold bar latitude and longitude necklace from Etsy.

IMG_1628As for earrings, these are from J.Crew!

I would like to give a special thank you to Steven Huffman for shooting these wonderful pics! His link as well as links to my clothing pieces are down below along with a few more pictures of the outfit for fun! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend as always(:



Photos by: Steven Huffman , Shirt: embroidered stretch top ($35.90), Pants: mid-rise skinny jeans ($49.90), Shoes: indigo rd. zenth espadrille sneakers ($29.43), Necklace: latitude longitude gold bar necklace ($37.00+up) Earrings Similar: beaded orb earrings ($24.50)

More Pics(:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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