Simple Heatless Hairstyles

Welcome back my loves,

It is beginning to hit me that in less than a month, my freshman year of college will be done and I could not be more happy. I don’t know what part I am the most excited about but to name just a few things, taking care of my nanny kids, reconnecting with high school friends and exploring more of Minnesota! But back to school…

As I get ready for class each day I find myself looking for simple hairstyles that will keep my hair out of my eyes. Each of these effortless hairstyles take less than five minutes to complete! I have included a variety of up and down styles so my hopes are you will find at least one that will inspire you(:

First off, I have been getting highlights since seventh grade and have been going to Kori Zieminski at Aveda in Minnetonka, Minnesota. So, if you are looking to try out someone new go to a colorist who wants every customer to leave LOVING their hair, I HIGHLY recommend her! I don’t trust anyone else with my hair(:

The Infinity Bun

The first hairstyle is for sure the easiest of all. Whenever I am going to class and don’t want my hair down this is my go to look. This is my equivalent of a messy bun and I think it looks very unique from the back too!

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First start by making a ponytail. I wrap mine twice then begin to pull my hair though once more but then stop before it turns into a ponytail. After that I twist the pony binder again and pull the big loop halfway through the pony binder to create two small buns that look like an infinity sign from the back!

Half Up-Half Down Loop Bun

This is another simple hairstyle for those of you who want some of your hair up but not all of it. I think its a fun alternative to a half up-half down bun or pony. I really like how it looks from the side and front with the ends of the hair coming out of the side.

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First, I part my hair at the crown of my head. Next, I pull the hair that I sectioned off through a hair binder as if I am going to just make a ponytail. After wrapping the binder around my hair until it is pretty tight (4-5 times), I begin to do one last pony by beginning to pull it through the binder but only a little so it has a loop similar to the infinity bun above. This step is optional but, my personal preference is to loosen the front of my hair by pulling lightly outwards and I also pull out some small pieces of hair to frame my face(:

Fishtail Braids

This one goes out to my girls who love braids! Most people know how to fish tail braid so I wont take much time to explain this one! I like doing two fishtail braids much better than two regular braids. It gives a put together feel and it looks like you put more effort than you actually did!

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Start by parting your hair into equal sections, then fishtail braid each side (divide hair into two sections and then cross over small pieces from each side). I like to tie mine off with rubber bands and then pull apart both sides of the braids to loosen them in order to look more messy.

Dutch Braid Into Pony Tail

This is my newest favorite no heat hairstyle! It is a fun way to spice up your everyday pony without looking over the top! It is a little difficult at first but I love the way it turns out(:

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Start by sectioning off the middle third of your hair. Then take the rest of your hair that you didn’t section off and put it in a high ponytail. Next, go back to the middle portion of hair and dutch braid it straight back until you reach your high pony. After that, I took a small rubber band to incorporate the braid into my ponytail. Once again, this step is optional but I loosened the braid and pulled out some whispies around my face!

I really hope all of you have a wonderful week and enjoyed this blog post! Thanks for the constant support and happy Monday!



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