Flannel Friday: Black & White

If you look in my closet the most common colors you will find are black and white. What can I say? I love some good looking neutrals! Today I have been on the go with appointments and friends. I put together an outfit that is comfy but at the same time stylish.

IMG_9049I love to find cheap clothes and make them look expensive. Every clothing item except for my shoes is under $100. I also try to fill my closet with pieces that can be worn through multiple seasons. The less I can buy and the more outfits I can create out of it, the better!


Even though savvy shopping is my favorite, there are some items that you just have to splurge on sometimes. These boots are one of those items. Every Minnesotan should have a reliable pair of winter boots in their closet. These Sorel’s have had a good amount of wear over the past year and they are in such excellent shape because of their quality.  IMG_9050.jpg

Accessories add an extra something to every outfit. Everyone who knows me is aware I have a slight obsession with gold. Given the black and white combo, I thought the gold accents would make this outfit pop! Today, I paired a couple of my favorite necklaces together. I am wearing a small gold bar necklace from Etsy. It was a graduation gift from my mom. The coordinates that are engraved lead to my high school. It is such a sweet gift with sentimental meaning. I love how it goes with any outfit. My other necklace is from my favorite jewelry line Tess+Tricia. This is their full white turquoise antler tip necklace. I have recently seen these types of necklaces popular and I can not wait to buy more! IMG_9052.jpg

I am also wearing my Michael Kors Slim Runway Double-Wrap Watch! I really enjoy the small bit of “bling” from the rhinestones. It is such a classic piece and a watch I will appreciate for years to come!A pair of stylish sunnies adds to any outfit. Sunglasses can make an outfit go from simple to chic in seconds. The pair I decided to wear today are the Classic Aviator Ray-Bans!IMG_9068.jpg


Thank you all for reading this. I feel so blessed that I can use this blog as an outlet to do what I enjoy and share my love for fashion and beauty with others.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!



Flannel: A&F Signature Flannel Shirt ($23.20), Vest (not exact): Merokeety Women’s Herringbone Puffer Vest ($29.99), Pants: Free People Blacked Out Vegan Pant ($98.00), Shoes: Sorel Woman’s Joan of Arctic™ Boot ($134.90), Necklace #1: Etsy Coordinates Bar Necklace Gold One Side Engraved  ($49.00), Necklace #2: Tess+Tricia Full White Turquoise Antler Tip Necklace ($100), Watch: Michael Kors Slim Runway Double-Wrap Watch ($195.00), Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator Classic  ($150.00)

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