New Glam Doll Donuts Location

The Glam Doll Donuts motto is, “treat yo’self (glamorously), and life will be sweet”. Today, I decided to stop by the brand new Glam Doll Donuts location in North East Minneapolis. It was just established earlier this month. It includes all your original Glam Doll Donut favorites plus more! Some of the shops features are a rotating art gallery, urban-glam patio and a massive pink couch.IMG_9031.JPGThe bakery is very girly and retro. They have a variety of unique flavors to offer. If you aren’t in the mood for something sweet, the Glam Dolls offer a variety of hot plate specials that will hit the spot!


I decided to try out three different donuts. My favorite was The Sweetheart. It features fresh strawberry icing, YUM! The two other donuts I bought were The Frenchie (espresso cream cheese & chocolate icing) and Dark Angel (has a vanilla bean cream filling & chocolate icing).IMG_9028.jpg

Overall, it was a fun trip and I will absolutely be back in the future! I am in love with the atmosphere and the donuts were the best I have tasted(: 10/10 would recommend to any other donut lovers in the area!




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